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“Rare Episodes” feat. Evil Dick

Doo DooPosted by Richard Hemmings Mon, April 14, 2014 07:50:04

New recordings of compositions he didn’t get round to recording himself.

A CD conceived by Andrew Greenaway of The Idiot Bastard website and author of “Zappa the Hard Way” (the definitive account of Frank’s last tour). The idea was that some of the world’s foremost Zappa-influenced bands would record thirteen Zappa compositions that he either didn’t record, didn’t release or, if he did, he changed them quite a lot first.

Featuring "Mice" by Evil Dick

More information from: www.idiotbastard.com/RareEpisodes.htm and www.cordeliarecords.co.uk (email: info@cordeliarecords.co.uk).