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Band name

Doo DooPosted by Richard Hemmings Sat, January 31, 2015 12:17:04
A motion to change the band's name to 'Evil Dick & the Blood Farts' or simply 'Blood Farts' was briefly discussed at last night's rehearsal. Tim didn't like the name or understand why anyone would want to call their band 'Blood Farts' (but then he IS the youngest member of the band and wasn't born in the 1970s when punk was CREATED). It was therefore decided that the band would NOT change its name but that Evil would probably use it for some future solo project.

Meanwhile, here's the set list we're planning for Festival Moo-ah:

Dorian (Aye-o-wee…)

Duke Progression

Rebel Rouser

New Kitchen

We’re Back Again

The Monkey Progressions Prelude

Monkey Progressions

Dur-Dur-Dur (difficult section x2)

Alpho Bongo

Minging Progression

Duke Progressions revisited

Fill in only if you are not real

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